Little Sunshine Yoga

Little Sunshine Yoga

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Yoga for kids

"Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world,  increasing their self awareness and strengthening their bodies."
                                                 - Kiss Guide to Yoga by Shakta Khalsa 

​Additional Yoga Programs

  Yoga classes can be personalized and  tailored to meet your curriculum and/or children's needs. All classes can be adapted for a variety of age groups and abilities. The length of class varies depending on the amount of children in the class or program. Please contact Kali Knight at ( for more information.

 Welcome to Little Sunshine Yoga, with classes designed specifically for children based on Radiant Child Yoga teachings. Your child can increase his or her:

  • flexibility
  • coordination
  • attention
  • gross motor skills
  • self-esteem


Classes include moving and dancing to music, playing yoga games, partner poses, breathing to calm and awaken our bodies, and using our imagination during yoga adventures. Yoga classes are presented by a certified Radiant Child Yoga Instructor/Licensed Occupational Therapist. We welcome children of all abilities to join in on the fun.